Immigration & Visas

Visa-on-Arrival is available for most people. The visa is valid for 30 days and for 2 entries within that period, even though you only apply for a single entry.

Be aware that transit visas are NOT available at border crossings, only at an embassy or consulate. Just apply for a tourist visa, it’s the same price and gives you more flexibility.

Neither passport copies nor photos are required.

Cost is US $50 - a clean note is required!

Customs Formalities

This was very straightforward with my Zimbabwe registered bike.

I filled in a form and got a TIP, valid for 30 days.

I was never required to show this. 

Insurance Rquirements

Third party insurance is required. COMESA insurance is not valid in Mozambique. This can be purchased at the border or in neighbouring countries.

On both occasions I bought it before entry because I was told it was cheaper. In S Africa this cost R140, and in ZImbabwe US $15. Both valid for a month.

I was never asked for this on either of my trips.

Police & Legal Issues

The law required that motorbikes comply with the same regulation as cars in terms of carrying a fire extinguisher, 2 warning triangles and a yellow reflective jacket. I had the latter two, but not an extinguisher. 

To get a TIP I had to give my driving licence details. I put my Zim details even thought I had an International Driving Permit. Other than this no-one ever  asked about my licence.

There are frequent police roadblocks throughout the country.

At most I was just waved through; on the few – 1 or 2 – occasions I was stopped, it was more out of curosity and a chat. I was never asked for any documentation, or equipment.


Whatever else it is, Mozambique is not cheap. 

Changing money at banks can be a problem. I was told at the one I tried that I needed an account to do so. MOney changers are present at teh border, but you need to be careful here; make sure you have teh agreed amount of MTS in your hand BEFORE handing over your cash. At the SA border, the guys were only interested in Rands, no US dollar changers were present. The rate, mid-2019 was 60MTS/USD.

B&B will cost between MTS 3,000-4,000 (Approx USD 50-70).

Camping is cheaper at MTS 300-600 (USD 5-10). 

Finding places to camp was not easy. IN only one town was there a formal campsite. This may be easier along the coast, but even at Vilanculos, I was only able to find one place. The result is you end up in B&B at much higher cost!

Fuel, at mid-2019, cost USD 1.30 per litre.

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