it took a while, but ...


it took a while, but ...


S Africa 1982, 60km south of Pretoria; have never found Drysdale on teh map, but Leondale is there!

In 1982 I visited South Africa and came across a little town called Belfast in Mpumalanga; sadly  no  pic  of  me  or  anyone  else  on  the trip  at  Belfast  can  be found,  but  we  also  came  actoss  a  town  called  Drysdale!    

Being   young, adventurous, and probably a ltttle(?) foolish, I immediately thought, "Now, that'd be fun, Belfast to Belfast on a bike!" The idea of riding a motorbike from Belfast to Belfast, the destination being Belfast, N Ireland, the town of my birth, was born.

CB750 K2 circa 1980

The Bike

I bought my CB750 K2 (Frame No: 2086###; Eng No: 2310###) in August 1978; It was 4 years old. 

As a student I rode it for a number of years, including my first tour to France, until life dictated that I spend what little money I had on a car, rather than essential repairs to my bike. However, since this was the bike I’d always dreamed of owning, rather than sell it, I took it apart and stored it in boxes – this was mid-1981; the intention was to restore and rebuild it – sometime soon!

Little did I know that it would take 37 years to realise that dream!

Route from Zimbabwe-Belfast-Belfast

The Route

Being Irish, it makes perfect sense that on a journey to a place 20,000km north, I should head 1,600 km south first; after all the most northern point of the country is in what’s euphemistically called “The South”. However 1600km south of Harare is where the story started, 37 years earlier, so considerably older, but probably just as, if not more, foolish the fun begins.

My initially planned route will take me from Harare, Zimbabwe to Belfast, South Africa, via Bulawayo and Botswana to take account of fuel shortages in Zimbabwe. Then there will be a further “detour” to Durban because my daughter’s PhD graduation is there on 4th April.  

From there I start north, through the Sani Pass to Lesotho, then the following countries:

Botswana                     Namibia                   Zambia

Tanzania                      Burundi                   Rwanda

Uganda                        Kenya                      Ethiopia

Sudan                          Saudia Arabia

United Arab Emirates                                 Iran

Turkey                        Greece.             Rest of Europe 

England                      Wales

                       Ireland and BELFAST!