Hood Motorcycle Jeans

Service:  5*

Quality (comfort and fit):  5*

Durability:  Later

When considering what gear to take, I  was  consistently  thinking  dual-purpose,  so  when  thinking  of  riding  pants  I  wanted  something  that  would  replace  my  leathers  on  the bike ,  and  also  look  OK  off the  bike.  After much searching and review-reading I decided to give Hood  Motorcycle  Jeans a  try.  

Since  I  always  have  bother  getting  trousers  to  fit  -  I’m  not  the  6 -foot,  11-stone  model  type  you  see  in  catalogues  and  usually  end  up  with  a  waist  two  sizes  too  big so I can get them over my  hips  -  I  contacted  them  first.  

I  was  assured  that  my  narrow  waist  and and muscular  thighs  wouldn’t  be  an  issue  as  the jeans  were  a generous cut.  In any  case,  I  could   order   two   sizes,  keep   the   one  that fitted  better  and  return  the  other  at no cost  to  me.  Another  big  advantage  is  that  you  can  order  leg  length  to  fit,  hence  none  of  this  getting  36” leg  jeans  and  having  to  take  them  straight  to  a  seamstress  to  alter.

Julie at  Hood  was  very  helpful  when  I had  difficulties  paying  online  and promised to  expedite  my  order  when  it  did  go  through.  The  jeans duly  arrived  two  days  after  I ordered.

Right  away  I  was  impressed  by  the the quality. The material  was  soft,  quite  unlike  normal  new  denim.  I was  surprised  at  the  weight  and  was  worried  that  they  might  prove  too  hot  for  the  climes  I  was  heading  towards.  

The  fit  was  perfect; my  leg  length  is  usually  29”  so  I  had  ordered  30”  and  31”  to  allow  the  jeans  to  ride  up  when  on  the  bike  yet  not  expose my  dainty  ankles.   30”  were  plenty.  Around  my  thighs  there was plenty of space.

The  D30  T5 X  armour fitted  as  standard   made  them  seem  bulky,  and  after  the first trial,  I took  the  knee  pads  out because it felt uncomfortable. Maybe if I had tried it a few more time I would have got used to it. I  now  see  on  the  website  that  you  can order  the  jeans  without any armour  and save  yourself  up  to  £30,  or  you  can  upgrade  to  D30  T5 Pro  X for  an  additional  £12  (for  both  hip  and  knee)

I  needn’t  have  worried  about overheating;  even  in  temparatures  in  the  low  30s  C,  I  was  comfortable.  The  lining  always  felt  cool, as advertised.

So far the jeans have performed well; it remains to be seen how they hold up to daily use over a prolonged period, but I’m considering leaving my leather dungarees behind as they are too hot for where I’m going. If I feel the need for a second pair of riding pants, I won’t hesitate to double up on my Hood Jeans. Oh, and one other plus I discovered is that they dry surprisingly quickly when washed - big advantage if you only have one pair on a long trip.


I have been wearing my jeans almost every day now for 3 months and have no complaints at all.

I have taken a few tumbles, low speed admittedly, and there is no visible damage.

I would amend my “quick drying” comment above and say it only applies to good weather. In less clement climes, the jeans do take quite a while to dry out.

Still 5* rating.